If I owned a drunken Monkey and he wasn’t into punk, this is what I’d want him to listen to whenever he got crunk!

edityourhometown may have a name that sound more like a hashtag than a nomenclature but rest assured their music isn’t anywhere near as contrived as their name might have you expect. Conjure with me, for a moment; If you spiked the collective drinks of RHCP and XTC with a combination of amphetamines, enthusiasm and talent, then pointed them in the direction of a studio, insisting they make a record which appealed to people who genuinely like music rather than just pandering to hipsters; then Calypso Supernova is what you might end up with.

Simultaneously comforting and disconcerting, like getting drunk with your best friends wife, Edit…. celebrate and molest genres with equal temerity. They have a style that somehow spans the chasm between rugged and funky, but never loses sight of the song based goal of popular music. They also posses the delectable skill of being able to shift between styles without exhausting the momentum of of a track.

That this is their debut release asa four piece is seriously impressive. Since it comes across as both knowing and experienced, with brazenly applied tempo changes and catchy riffs aplenty. But just like Press To MECO, regardless of their highly astute musicianship and self-aware attitude they are unashamed about wearing a Metal fringed Pop hat.

The vocals are bare faced and unmistakably British, which in a world of transatlantic tone is always pleasing to hear. It is so easy for British bands to forget the currency of their own accent, and thankfully Ian Coulson is spending Sterling all over this passionate 5 song EP. His voice is versatile and limber, as happy roaring as he is cresting over rolling riffs.

Although they operate within a fairly standard range of punky pop funk, Edit… pack their music with enough moments of jagged excitement to keep even the most demanding heads engaged.

Their current state of existence is like a glitter covered condom filled with tiny ball-bearings. What I mean by this is that I’m finding it difficult to know whether I want them to explode having released this perfectly fractured gem, or persist, develop, languish and then degrade.

Either way, they have produced this shimmer filled, highly diverting slice of scruffy populism. Which even if your normal tunage is gruesomely heavy, I highly recommend you listen to, since sometimes its refreshing to view the edges from the middle.

Well, that and Drunken Monkeys.

Drunken Monkeys, Blud!

Calypso Supernova is available to download via their Bandcamp site on the 19th of September.

You can listen to a track prior to release on their SoundCloud.

– John Whitmore


Links: Facebook // SoundCloud // Bandcamp