Invoking The Abstract is a monstrous band. Their talent knows no bounds as they deliver some of the most intense, shred worthy Technical / Progressive Metal of recent history. It’s really the kind of material that you need to listen to in order to believe.

The band has been hard at work following their sheer ferocity of their 2012 self-titled EP. The fruits of that labor can now be seen as they’ve dropped a brand new single called “Locus”. It comes equipped with one of the funnier and most conceptually awesome music videos that you’ll see this year. It essentially shows the band playing some sort of retro, pseudo Guitar Hero, I guess Mario type game. Point is, it pokes fun at some older games while delivering one helluva format for the track itself. Check it out down yonder.

Currently, the band is prepping the release of an all new album called “Aural Kaleidoscopes”. If “Locus” serves as any indication, this will be a beastly listening experience that you absolutely should be looking out for! Specific details have yet to be unveiled but you can scope out the cover art below.


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