Are you looking to raise the bar of intensity? Are you looking for face ripping ferocity and next level technicality? If the answer is yes, have we got an album for you….

Introducting NYN. This is a one man band powered by the mind and exceptional compositional abilities of one man. He is Noyan Tokgozoglu – who you may also know from the band Carthage.

He released an album called “Eventualtiy” which can really only be described as a Progressive / Technical Death Metal juggernaut. This is an LP that doesn’t hold back for anything and isn’t afraid to experiment, often straying outside of the box. It also features wondrous cameos from Christian Muenzner (Alkaloid, ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura) and Hayato Imanishi (Cyclamen).

All of this and more is precisely why we wanted to team up with Noyan and bring you the music. So that’s exactly what happened. You can check the full, animated album stream for “Eventuality” just above. It’s fully worth the experience.

Pre-orders for physical copies of “Eventuality” are now available on Bandcamp! Grab yours today!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp