Describing him as a “gift from god”, The Ocean have brought on a new bass player in Mattia Hägerstrand. He is filling the shoes left by Chris Breuer for the foreseeable future. The band left a lengthy and detailed statement in regards to all of this:

“As some of you may have guessed already, the clip we posted yesterday celebrated, in stark images captured by the man behind our “Collective Oblivion” DVD, the life, existence and general awesomeness of our bass player Chris Breuer. Motocultor Festival 3 weeks ago, was the last show with him on bass for a while. Dude will continue to be a part of the collective, but has decided to go on an indefinite hiatus from full time touring. Give a round of applause for this man who has been repeatedly but very unjustly called the “laziest man on earth”!

Our new bass boy goes by the name MATTIAS HÄGERSTRAND. Now if you do some google research on the name Mattias, you will find that the name Mattias means “GIFT FROM GOD”. And that’s exactly what this guy is! A fortune teller told Damo and Robin last year about the 2nd Coming of Mattias Hägerstrand, whose ascension to Heaven was a big deal back in the days of Jesus (they never met). And now it occurred: He came back, to join this band and prevail among us, for a limited time on this cursed earth… and so logically, His life and fate was always determined to end up in sinful glory, playing in this unfaithful band of ours.

Mattias also plays with Robin in TOW / The Old Wind. And here is another anecdote about Mattias: during His First Coming, He was filling in on bass for another Swedish band, when they were going out on a pretty big tour, and broke His left arm a few days before the start of that tour (yes, even the Sons of Gods have bones that break!)… And so He went on tour and fingered his bass with a broken left arm every night… or so the legend goes. So you get the idea, He is a tough motherfucker!

Soon enough we shall reveal his face, but for the moment, here’s him playing bass for us in the studio! Ladies and Gentlemen, give yet another round of applause for our gift from the Gods, MATTIAS HÄGERSTRAND!”

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