We recently asked the good people of The Circle Pit to tell us their worst concert experiences. So, naturally, we got a lot of interesting and hilarious answers. After reading through all of them, it only seemed right to share some with the world. So, take a gander for yourself. Here are some of the worst concert experiences.

“Some chick brought pizza into the pit at Cannibal Corpse, and she dropped it, stepped in it, crowd surfed and kicked me in the mouth with her pizza shoe…I got fed pizza by Converse.”

“I went to go see August Burns Red’s Christmas show in Lancaster, PA. I took my ex-girlfriend, thinking this would be a nice treat. I bought the tickets, and drove the 2 hours to get there. When August Burns Red went on, I lost her in the pit for a while, only for her to emerge, directly in front of me, with her face promptly clamped to another dude. Not even 3 feet away from my face. This is what happens when you do nice things for alcoholics.”

“Some fuck stepped on my buddy’s ankle in the pit and pushed him at the same time. He tore a couple ligaments. Silver lining though. Arsonists Gets All The Girls drove us back to the hospital and we made it back for there for the set \m/”

“Farted in some chicks face while she was eating nachos behind me. I had stood up on the chair to cheer on Van Halen when I let loose as she was about to take her first bite. True story. I’d say if was fart mouth’s worst experience – not mine. P.S. I do a lot of drugs.”

“The bass player from Texas in July broke my noze when he stage dived into the crowd……with his bass.”

“I drank some off cider at a Napalm Death gig and shit my pants.”

“Got drunk and slept before the club on a bench. I woke up after concert… First and last time…”

“Watching a kid get his ankle broken while MOSHING to CHON. People will mosh to anything these days.”

“I got slammed into a concrete pillar during Anthrax. I was knocked out and some dudes took me up to a balcony where there were no pits. I spent the rest of the concert (Pantera) in a cloudy daze. I probably would have gotten killed in the Pantera pit, now that I think about it.”

“Was simply jumping around banging my head while bumping into people in the pit then was purposely tripped and when I got up this fat greasy motherfucker sucker punched me right in the mouth at the Acacia Strain at heavy MTL a couple years ago. If you’re out there I hope you live in a trash can you greasy bastard.”

“Drove 20 hours to see Animals as Leaders and After the Burial in Philly and showed up 5 minutes after the show.”

“This time at a Ratdog show when I got thrown on the ground by cops while tripping on 7-8 blotters and woke up in the hospital the next morning.”

“Tool. It wasnt the band but the audience. They threw beer cans on the stage and made maynard so pissed he didnt sing half of stinkfist and wings for marie pt 1. Someone threw a cd on onstage and he stopped singing to say ‘do you want me to listen to this or do you want me to sing?’ And then smashed the cd with his boot. They’re definitely never comin back to Peoria, Illinois because of the asshole crowd.”

“Having a guys sweaty nasty hair go down my throat when he headbanged at a Monuments show.”

“Paid over $100 for a VIP ticket pack to see a very famous band I’ve been waiting to see live for over 10 years. The meet and greet turned out to be more of a “Hi, bye” even though there were only 7 of us, whereas the SUPPORTING act bought pizza for their VIP’s — all 50-something of them — and were still hanging with their fans while were sitting by the stage during set up. The show itself was really tame and filled to the brim with obnoxious 16 year old scene fans (there were maybe 5 other people who didn’t have their wrists X-‘d). One of them elbowed me, shoved my sister, and talked shit to us because I wouldn’t let them cut in front of me where we already were, to the stage front with his GF. The bands were sticking to a school night schedule too, so the show let out at 10:30.”

“My worst was breaking my hand during Repulsion but it was cool cause I didn’t find out for three days. I think the black dahlia murder healed it fasterMy worst was breaking my hand during repulsion but it was cool cause I didn’t find out for three days. I think The Black Dahlia Murder healed it faster.”

“Vocalist of Abacabb shattered my eyesocket at ghost inside six or seven years ago, and it still wasn’t as bad as Mastodonss performance at Kink Fest Orlando 2014.”

“I was in the first Parkway Drive’s concert in Chile, moshing around, running, jumping, etc. I had the cunnung idea to go with my bag and decided to keep wearing it. 20 minutes later a guy tells me “bro, your bag is fuckin open”. I lost every single piece of shit that was in the bag. Found some stuff like a bottle and some rubish that were on the floor while I was looking at other ppl grabbing stuff from the floor. I’m pretty sure I made someone feel really lucky that night.”

“Recently saw Between the Buried and Me for their coma ecliptic tour at venue 578 in Orlando and it was so overcrowded and so hot inside that I had trouble breathing. So I spent most of the show outside listening and made trips inside periodically… Stayed in for Bohemian Rhapsody though. Was a bummer because it was the first metal show my girlfriend had been to. Florida heat is fucking stupid.”

“Almost died a few years back at the HoB in Chicago. Parkway Drive started off with Sparks and then kicked right into Old Ghosts, New Regrets. The entire floor immediately erupted into one massive pit and I was nearly crushed by a wall of 20-30 ppl falling over each other. I honestly started panicking holding them off, scared shitless. Luckily some rather muscular fella recognized my peril, grabbed my arm, and proceeded to literally rip me out of my shoes to safety. I spent the rest of the set barefoot watching my kicks get tossed around all over the place. At least I got them back…”

“Crowd surfing at Warped Tour. As soon as I hit the front row where the gate is I fell cause they were all 12 year old scene girls.”

“Drive all the way to Columbus to see a Danzig tour. Turns out it was literally the only show he didn’t play on that tour.”

“Chipped my front tooth on the stage the second Suffokate started their set.”

“Fractured ribs. Was during Archspire’s set so totally worth it.”

“Losing my ticket on the way.”

“Saw Janis Warmen from Bodom, before a show, standing just off to the side of the railing, I shouted hey jani kick some ass tonight, he looked me right in the eye, rolled his eyes and walked away, 5 mins later security came up and told me I can’t be standing here… Fuck you dude.”

“When the singer from Volumes ignored me to talk to some skanks.”

“When your show is no longer a show but a church session because it’s For Today’s turn in the lineup.”

“Went in for a picture with the screamer from I See stars, was a clumsy shit and punched his drink out of his hand.”

“Any battle of the bands ever.”

“I saw Pierce The Veil.”

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