And now, for something completely different. Armand Jourdain is the bassist for the Jazz / Math Rock quartet Itzamna and a close associate of the mighty Clément Belio. But, clearly, his aspirations do not cease there.

Armand has been working on a self-titled solo project for some time now, leaving a number of interesting releases in his wake. The latest of these is the 3-song EP known as “Entre Deux” which has just seen the light of day this month. It’s primarily an experimental Jazz effort but it does throw in hints of Prog and Djent.

This is especially apparent on the effort’s first track “Frontières”. Clocking in at over 7 minutes, this song travels through peaks, valleys, and a number of interesting twists. You can give a listen via our YouTube channel just below. Furthermore, “Frontières” is available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! Show some love.


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