Presenting Falling With The Rain. This is an exciting, new solo project hailing from Lagonisi, Greece. Derived from the brilliance of Konrad Kavallieratos, the music strikes a cross between Progressive Metal, Post-Rock, and Djent – if you will. All of these elements coalesce through an instrumental format that’s more than pleasing to the ears. This is precisely what got us excited when Konrad contacted us initially. Furthermore, I’m sure many of you at The Circle Pit will love this.

As such, we teamed up with Falling With The Rain to bring you a full album stream of his latest, and arguably greatest, effort called “Afterglow”. The LP provides a series of 11 exceptional tracks fully worth your time and attention. Have a listen.

For further listening and purchase, head over to the official Falling With The Rain Bandcamp page. You’ll quickly learn that “Afterglow” isn’t Konrad’s first rodeo as he’s consistently worked hard since 2011 – putting out a total of 4 releases in that time. That’s pretty much one for every year. Much respect.


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp