There’s a fresh and exciting sound emerging from San Jose, California. Close your eyes, take a leap, and embrace The Soothing Sound of Flight. This is a five-piece Progressive Metal unit that really seem to be onto something. They’re presentation is raw, yet unique in nature and their level of skill is hard to deny. Take these factors, place them together, and you end up with a good scenario.

The band put out their debut, self-titled EP back on the first day of Spring. It holds strong with a total of 5 tracks spanning nearly a half hour. Together, they pack in a wealth of musical ideas. The sheer experimentation and musicality are brilliant enough to shine through the veil of rough production. All in all, The Soothing Sound of Flight is worth adding to your frequent flyer miles.

Feel free to give this one a listen below. Interestingly enough, this EP is available totally free of charge. So, if you enjoy the music, show the band some support and grab “The Soothing Sound of Flight” on Bandcamp!

Thanks to the man and metal guru Benjamin Kosanke for the recommendation.


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp