Hey! My cousins name is Genevieve. She’s cool as hell. So is this record from what I’ve heard. So far, I love everything about this both musically and conceptually. From the the abrasive recording found on the single “Charnel Flow” to the illustration of “Escapism”, this piece of art is brilliant to behold.

The record will be dropping later this month on October 23rd through Grimoire Records. Pre-orders are now available over on Bandcamp. The LP comes complete with beautiful physical packaging so grab yours while you can!

Also, much respect to Grimoire Records and their work ethic. These guys keep it strong with the following statement, “Grimoire Records is a DIY record label with one simple credo; we record every single piece of music we sell.”

Definitely check out everything these guys work on because it’s brilliant. Between this and Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore metal is more than alive these days.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp