The entirety of the new Gorod album “A Maze Of Recycled Creeds” is now live and streaming courtesy of Metalsucks.net. We had given this album a very positive review about a month back with very good reason – it’s amazing. Here’s an excerpt from that:

On flyers for their gigs in France, Gorod are often described in parentheses as Death Metal/Jazz. The glib addition of the catch all term of jazz could well arouse the cynical side of your nature, but when it comes to Gorod this is a full and well founded encompassing of their sound. However for them, being jazzy does not mean a couple of swing sections or sporadic use of unusual Fifths. It is a root and branch approach to composition that is as fulfilling as it is expansive; as though Mathieu Pascal & co write their music wearing Duke Ellington’s socks or a favourite hat of Django Reinhardt.

A Maze of Recycled Creeds is Gorod’s 5th full length release and their first with new drummer Karol Diers behind the kit. It is immensely characterful and tobally expressive Technical Death Metal, but more so than their previous albums, it acts a lost piece of continuity between Dave Mustaine’s period of greatness and today’s bombastic TDM. In many ways this record could be a jumping off point for a proto-progressive Thrash scene should have been but never was. Such is the spiralling flair and thoughtful gloss that pervades the riffs and how they embed themselves into the songs … READ MORE

The album will officially be released through Unique Leader Records tomorrow! You can listen to the full stream right here:

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