A new wave of excellence is prepared to make itself known in the metal world. This is Harbinger – a band starting out of London that’s poised to do big things. The four-piece metal unit brings forth an exceptional musical aptitude with delivery standing tight as nails. This is precisely why we’ve named them as our Artist of the Week. Among the ranks are guitarist Ben Sutherland (ex-Acrania), vocalist Tom Gardner, drummer Joel Scott, and bassist Kris Aarre. If one were to define their collective sound, Technical Deathcore might be an appropriate title.

The reason why we’re bringing Harbinger into the light today is their debut single “Human Wisdom”. It stands as a testament of what this band is capable and a beacon to well deserved fandom. It just made a world premiere via The Circle Pit today! It’s highly recommended that you press that “play” button and experience the greatness for yourself! The single is now available for purchase via iTunes!


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