We’ve teamed up with a new and exciting band known as Hibakusha to bring you fine exports of groove and heaviness from The Netherlands. This band is a legitimate metal unit blending elements of Progressive Metal and Groove Metal to formulate their aural attacks. They might even have a thing or two in common with the juggernauts known in Meshuggah. If you think this sounds good, now is the time to get stoked…

The brand new Hibakusha EP “Incarnation” just came out today! And, so far, it’s sounding so good. We’re currently streaming the beast in its entirety through our YouTube channel so go ahead and have a listen! If you enjoy, keep in mind the EP is available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! If that isn’t a great deal, I honestly don’t know what is… Show Hibakusha some support!


Links: Facebook // Official Website // YouTube // Bandcamp