Or at least it’s a potentially massive album. The band has been releasing several exciting tidbits of news as of late. The latest of which has declared the album’s completion. The band’s vocalist Jesse Leach is very active in social networking circles, providing a stream of updates for the band. Today, he had the following to say:

“DONE! Vocals for the new album are complete! I yelled my last back up yell! Soooooo Sooooo STOKED!

But wait! There’s more! Going slightly back in time, Jesse unveiled additional details about the album. These would suggest that the band have recorded a total of 17 tracks! That’s right, let me repeat… 17 TRACKS! Not to say they’ll all make the final cut but that’s exciting. Here’s specifically what Jesse said:

This album took a lot out of me, I couldn’t be more stoked on it so far 14 down & 2-3 to go?!!!

And finally, maybe the most exciting quote in regards to all of this suggests a certain depth and variety to the new record. Killswitch Engage might even be going a tad progressive for this one. Check it out:

Write a riff in 17/8?! Thanks Adam D ! Just doing vocal acrobatics again, this one is a beast! I think we may surprise a few people with the diversity in this record. From quiet and emotive to blistering and brutal and everything in between really. Only one more song to tackle and this mouth is going to be quiet for a week solid, after a celebratory cigar that is! This record is just about complete!!!! Very stoked for you to hear it my friends! (No I don’t know when it will be out or when a song will be released, ask Roadrunner Records)

Stay tuned for much more from camp KSE! In the meantime, here’s some music and additional goods…

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