Here we have something truly great. Red Skies is a band from Montreal on the rise. Their approach comes down to expertly blending elements of Progressive Metal and Metalcore with just a touch of a Hardcore sound on the side and a heaping helping of creativity. Thematically, these guys have also aced their game. They know how to blend music and presentation to a tee, almost developing a narrative around what they do. When it all comes together, it makes for a brilliant experience.

All of this is evinced in full on the Red Skies debut album “Iron Sun”. Cast on the Earth last week, this album isn’t merely music – it’s a venture for the ears worth taking. This is precisely why we teamed up with Red Skies to present the album in full. You can find the entire stream for “Iron Sun” just below.

The record is available for purchase over on Bandcamp. Go show them support if you appreciate what they’re doing here.


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp