The time has come to look down and gaze upon your shoes. Bad jokes aside, Sorrow Plagues is an incredible solo project emerging from the UK. Powered by the mind of David Lovejoy, this endeavor mixes a few main styles. Among these are Shoegaze (whoda thunk?), Black Metal, and Post-Rock. But the goods don’t stop there as David experiments in a number of directions with his sound. When you add up all the factors, you have some great music ready to land in your ears.

Sorrow Plagues has proven to be quite the prolific project as well. The legacy only started up late last year but David has already released a total of three EPs with two singles to boot. I had to wipe the sweat off my brow after just typing that.

We’re here today for the purpose of supporting the latest Sorrow Plagues single. It goes by the name of “Aspirations” and it manages to capture that feeling to a T with some sorrow on the side. This is done over the course of a 7+ minute aural adventure which is fully worth indulging in. So you should do just that!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp