When’s the last time your ears took a journey? When’s the last time they’ve heard word of foreign lands, myths, and the stuff of legend? Now is the time. Welcome to Valhalore.

This band has proclaimed themselves under the banner of Epic Metal. And their music is exactly that! Essentially, they produce a magical mixture of Folk Metal, Power Metal, and Viking Metal with which to ensnare the ears and grow beards on the heart. This is the music that grand journeys are made of. And the sound waves Valhalore produce have made a journey themselves, coming all the way from Brisbane, Australia! While this may seem like an unlikely locale compared to say the original Norse lands, they live up to sound diligently – bringing high end musicality in their wake.

This is precisely why we’ve teamed up with Valhalore – with the mission of bringing all this glory to you! We’re currently streaming their single “Across The Frozen Ocean” via YouTube. By extension, this is the final part of their amazing three song, self-titled EP. So, if you enjoy what you hear, be sure to head over to Bandcamp and claim this legend as your own! It will be a good day to you!


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp