In case you missed out, Slipknot front man Corey Taylor lent his voice to the latest Doctor Who episode. It aired via the BBC on October 10th, 2015. The episode was titled “Before The Flood”, acting as the second part to the previous episode “Under The Lake”. It featured a villain known as The Fisher King. And, through this character, Corey gave his unearthly roar.

If you want to look more into this process, the BBC just posted up a behind the scenes video featuring Corey Taylor and crew. It’s a great look at the set and gives just a small glimpse at the kind of effort that goes into every episode. Take a look and definitely watch “Under The Lake” and “Before The Flood” in that order if you get the chance.

In other Slipknot news, the band recently put out a very much NSFW music video for the track “XIX”. This was done in support of their latest album “.5: The Gray Chapter”. Check it out when your boss isn’t looking.

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