Absolute tragedy struck this weekend. The Romanian band Goodbye to Gravity was putting on a show in the nation’s capitol Bucarest when the unspeakable happened. A pyrotechnics malfunction left 27 killed and 184 injured. This includes guitarists Vlad Telea and Mihai Alexandru. Other members have been hospitalized. The pyrotechnics were reportedly unauthorized.

NPR reported on the incident, giving more specific details:

“Fireworks set off inside during a heavy metal rock concert are suspected of having caused the blaze that tore through the club.

“Many of the deaths and injuries occurred during the stampede for the exit. A witness told Romania’s state news agency the terrified crowd broke down a second door down to escape.

“Hospital officials say many of those being treated were suffering from smoke inhalation and severe burns.”

We wish a swift and steady recovery to all those affected by this tragedy. And to the 27 who are no longer with us…