We recently asked the great people of The Circle Pit to tell us albums they thought people needed to hear and why. According to each individual, these albums are essential for all fans of heavy music. That being the case, we opted to share all of these here for you to check out on a case to case basis along with some music to whet your appetite. So, without further adieu, here are albums you need to hear! … and why you need to hear them.

Handmade by The Ongoing Concept. This is their sophomore album while signed to Solid State records. These guys have such a unique sound, it’s like metalcore meets progressive rock meets punk meets synth pop. The entire album was recorded using instruments the band ‘handmade’ themselves using wood from a tree they cut down. They did their own carving sanding and electric wire soldering. They also filmed the music video by themselves. They are so creative and a breath of fresh air in the genre. The first thing you hear on the album is them cutting the tree and the last thing you hear on the album is the tree falling. Check it out guys.

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Februus by Uneven Structure. Nothing I’ve ever heard since has such a perfect blend of atmosphere and groove. It is a very underrated album that has so much emotion to it. Some might say it’s like Tesseract but heavier. Also the artwork it phenomenal!

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The upcoming Our Oceans album! Why? Because it’s an Exivious side project. Need i say more? They’ve already released two tracks and they’re gorgeous as prog!

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Cynic – Re-Traced. By reimagining their songs in a pseudo-acoustic way, it shows just how fundamentally solid the songs from Traced in Air are.

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Anyone who loves black metal should have listened to Ascetic Meditation of Death by Cult Of Fire at least once.

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The Red in the Sky is Ours by At The Gates. Blows Slaughter of the Soul away.

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Reflections – The Color Clear. Oh man the feeelz on that album!

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Ulver – Shadows of the Sun. It can change your lifeview.

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Savage Seas by Feed Her To The Sharks because its brutal yet melodic….

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Gru – Cosmogenesis. Because it’s just awesome!

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In Flames, Jester Race. Because it’s old In Flames.

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Eavesdropper – Ruin. It’s a refreshing album about car crashes.

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Native Construct – Quiet World because it’s good.

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