The internet never fails to impress me… In recent years, the trend seems to be for a multitude of sites (following suit of The Onion among others) to create fake news stories of all manner. Today, one of these fake news stories hit hilariously close to home – so naturally we’re going to promote and debunk it at the same time… Our immensely talented local artist and metal underground sensation Anup Sastry got lampooned by a site called Mosh Couture. For those who don’t know who Anup is, he’s the new drummer for Monuments and former drummer for Intervals, Skyharbor, and Jeff Loomis on tour.

The root of this funny, fake news is the confusion that people often have around Anup Sastry’s name – which, unfortunately, can easily be ready as “Anus Pastry”. This has been happening for years now… So, of course, Mosh Couture fabricated a story saying Anup Sastry has plans to open a bakery alongside his father in Frederick, Maryland early next year. I guess it would be Anup Sastry’s Anus Pastries or some such thing were it not for the fact that this story is totally false.

Anup’s hilarious reaction to all of this says it all…

Yo… The internet is WEIRD! Apparently Im opening a bakery with my dad… #doyouevenbakebro #what……………… #isgoingon #dad

Posted by Anup Sastry on Monday, November 16, 2015

Good try, Mosh Couture. Good try. Now it’s time for some music!

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