Born of Osiris released their newest LP “Soul Sphere” towards the tail end of last month. In response, it’s received great critical acclaim and much happiness from the fanbase. You can read our review and stream the entire album by CLICKING HERE. The band has continued to promote this album in new and exciting ways since its release.

The latest promotion comes in the form of an all new music video for the track “Illuminate”. Similar to release of some of their music videos in the past, this one comes with a heavy emphasis on visual delivery. And it succeeds. Except instead of tearing at the edges of space time or being delivered through the brilliant artwork of Cameron Grey, this video takes you through ancient Egypt and back again. This is, of course, fitting with the band’s style… and name.

You can check out the music video right here, right now. We’ve also made sure to include more of their recent work for wandering ears.

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