In an unfortunate turn of events, it appears as if Drew Pelisek, the bassist / sometimes vocalist for CHON, will no longer be running with the band. On the good side, however, there’s no bad blood between the musicians as they’ve parted ways amicably. Both parties left a statement in regards to this change of line up. First, CHON let loose with the following statement:

Hey guys, we’ve parted ways with our bassist Drew. He’ll always be the homie and it’s all still good vibes between us but due to artistic differences this was best for both parties. We wish him nothing but the best!

Drew himself had the following to say in the wake of these events through his Instagram account.

hey guys, i am no longer a member of CHON. thank you so much to everyone who came to a show or bought an album or listened to a song over the last couple years. ive learned a tremendous amount playing and touring with these guys and i hope (know) you will continue to follow everything they do. and a huge thanks to the 3 of them for the opportunity to play in this band, much love always. have a great weekend everybody and once again THANK YOU. it’s been real fun.

Regardless of this, CHON will continue to grow as a band destined on their path of greatness. New music seems to be in the works already (as told by said “creative differences”). But, in the mean time, have a listen to some of their work:

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