Woah! Here’s to a happy Monday for all fans of Black and Post-Metal! Have we found a treat for you here. Frigoris is Post Black Metal band hailing from the lands of Essen and Arnsberg over in Germany. Their craft comes to producing arguably some of the best music you’ll find from the sub-genre in a modern sense. Adding in elements of ambiance, folk music, and truly solid songwriting – they’ve really developed something special with their darkened sound. It’s fully worth allowing this band to pluck at your heartstrings and soul.

Need some evidence? Look no further than the latest Frigoris release “Wind”. It came out back in the middle of 2013 but still stands tall as can be as a truly excellent release. Currently, the album is streaming in its entirety over on Bandcamp where it’s also available for a “name your price” download! Naturally, you should show some support to these musicians if you enjoy this incredible album. Merch is available as well!

The good news doesn’t stop there. Currently, Frigoris are gearing towards the release of an all new album! They’ve put plenty of time and effort in towards constructing this and it should serve as another testament of their greatness. They had the following to say in regards to this:

“Recording at CKB Recording and mixing with Martin Kühr (Agrypnie, High Rise Fall, etc.) are done! We are now heading for the mastering and are very pleased with the results so far.”


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Merch // Bandcamp