Do you seek the sounds of absolute chaos and domination? Do you want to hear something so heavy and ruthless that it actually causes you to turn the volume down a bit for the first time in your life? This is exactly what you’re looking for… This is Frontierer.

There’s one foolproof way to encapsulate this band’s sound in words – which to the faint of hear may seem to be an impossible task. Imagine The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza with nothing but the math riffs and unrelenting chaos. Voila! You have the greatness that is Frontierer.

This shows more than ever before on the debut full-length album from the band “Orange Mathematics”. If you happen to be a fan of Mathcore or just heavy music in general, this record is an absolute MUST LISTEN. I highly recommend you press that “play” button below and secure yourself for what comes next. It won’t be gentle.

If you enjoy this concept of organized, mathematical chaos – please show Frontierer some much deserved love. The album is now available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! That’s an insane deal! Also give them a like over on Facebook. Proceed with caution, my friends.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp