Hateful Transgression is band that quite literally crosses oceans in the same way it does sub-genres. Functioning as a three man band straddling the Atlantic between Newnan, Georgia and The Hague in The Netherlands, this is a band that’s willing to push the envelope on a number of fronts. Stylistically, their sound comes down to an amalgamation between Slam Death Metal and Black Metal with some DSBM hints in the mix. It’s abrasive and dark, transporting the listener to realms where the faint of heart don’t travel.

All of this really shines through on the bands debut, Self-Titled EP release. Through their four track assault, they manage to appeal to a number of metallic palettes while showing no mercy through the rough and caustic nature of it all. If you enjoy extreme metal and have approximately 17 minutes to spare, Hateful Transgression is worth giving a listen.

The EP is currently available for streaming in full on YouTube! You can find this just below. If you’re interested in showing some direct support, Hateful Transgression is available for purchase over on Bandcamp. Hope you all have a brutaful day.


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