Malaysia and metal music don’t exactly have the best history together. Take the instances with Lamb of God and Carcass for example. The latest band to run into problems is Australia’s I Killed The Prom Queen who had a show slated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Instead of playing, however, they were detained in an immigration detention center following a mix up.

Guitarist Jona Weinhofen posted up the following information on Twitter:

“Currently sitting in Immigration office [in] Malaysia waiting to be deported (best case scenario) because the promoter didn’t get us visas… Apparently we’re going to be detained for 4-14 days in a Malaysian immigration detention center… Weirdest part is some of the immigration officers asked us to autograph stuff and one is wearing a Prom Queen shirt. Still locking us up, though… At least we have food and water and we are in good health. Things could definitely be worse and our situation pales to other recent events.”

He later followed this up by saying:

“A lot of press is stating we were deported. For the record we were released with no action against us and apologized to by DG of immigration… Sorry, Malaysia ,but after this horrible experience I don’t think we will return in a hurry.”

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