There have been a lot of changes in camp Intervals as of late. For example, there’s no longer a singer and many of the musicians from the previous album are no longer present. You can read more about these changes by CLICKING HERE.

It makes sense because it seems that guitarist / composer Aaron Marshall is pushing the Intervals sound in another direction… and it’s sounding incredible! This has been evinced by the release of an all new single from what will be an all new album! “I’m Awake” is a single that manages to be as razor tight technically as it is melodically uplifting. It’s truly a work of brilliance.

And if “I’m Awake” serves as indication of what’s to come of the band’s upcoming album “The Shape of Colour”, we’re in for one hell of a treat once again. But in all seriousness, when has Intervals not delivered great music?

The album is slated for a December 4th release with pre-orders available over on District Lines, Bandcamp, and iTunes. You can also learn more about the album by visiting the official website.


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