They have returned! Kadinja just released an all new song and music video for a track called “Episteme”. This effort just made its debut today. It serves as a testament tp how this band is continuing to push their sound more and more with every song. And the sound this band puts on the table is original and amazing. Kadinja manages to have a recognizable sound in a genre that always appears to be more and more a crowded scene of copy & paste bands. This musical unit stand out, being able to keep their brand of complex, mathy riffage and dominance of rhythm truly catchy. Have a listen for yourself down below.

Currently, they’re working towards the release of an all new album to follow up their debut EP, which you can likewise find below with another recent single. If you enjoy what this band is up to, be sure to show them some support.

They’ll soon be embarking on a European tour with Dawn of Justice to spread the greatness. You can learn more about that tour by clicking here. Expect more from Kadinja soon!

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