Presenting a whole new sub-genre for your collective metal pleasures… “Progressive Acid Gibbon Death Metal”. This is the style put forward by the highly talented Czech Republic band Keep on Rotting. They’ve been active for half a decade but they’re just now emerging into the public eye with their sound which could be loosely compared to bands such as Gojira (except with female vocals!). It’s safe to say we’re happy they’ve put their music online because it’s brilliant!

That’s precisely why we opted to team up with Keep On Rotting and help bring their music to you! The band recently put out two songs on a release known as “Wandering Fall”. In support of this, we’re currently streaming the single “Wooden Sun Cult”. To call this a great song may be an understatement. It weaves and folds in a number of aural directions making for an in-depth and dynamic listening experience.

“Wandering Fall” is now available over on Bandcamp! If you’re interested, by all means show Keep On Rotting some love and support. It’s well deserved in turn for their good work.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp