Krosis is a breath of fresh air in the realm of Deathcore. Alongside the expectations of devastating heaviness, this band delivers intense melody, razor sharp technicality, progressive tendencies, foreboding atmosphere, and all out creativity into their craft. When you add up all these factors, it makes for a top notch, modern metal listening experience. And you can emphasize the word experience because the band even seems to have a sense of narrative written into their style with certain themes, whether they be mythological or fantastical, outstanding throughout.

All of this being said, the band’s debut album “Mount of Sacrifice” is a brilliant first step for this five-piece Raleigh band. Between its 8 tracks, you’re sure to have a most metal venture for the ears. It’s actually recommended to listen to this one in its entirety to let it really sink in, though the individual tracks also stand tall in their own right. That being the case, you’re in luck! The entire duration of this album is now online for your streaming pleasure! You can dig in below.

“Mount of Sacrifice” will be available soon on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and more! Stay tuned for more from Krosis. This is a band teeming with potential.


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