We teamed up with the good people at We Are Triumphant Records to bring you a most unexpected cover song! KriMiNalS is a Nu Metal / Metalcore band hailing from the Bay Area in California. They opted to bring it east to cover a song from the one and only Lana Del Rey. More specifically, they tackled the track “Dark Paradise” from the pop singer-songwriter’s debut album “Born To Die”. It’s an interesting adaptation to say the very least so give it a go!

In other KriMiNalS news, the band put out their debut EP earlier this year. It goes by the combative title of “No Competition, Only Enemies”. If you’re to give this one a listen, it’s safe to expect 6 stomp worthy tracks and maybe even an unexpected mosh. You can pick up a copy by CLICKING HERE. You can also follow the band on Facebook by CLICKING HERE. Good day to you all!


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