Time for some groooovin’. Lindhun is a band we came across by mere chance. Clearly, the odds were in our favor. May the odds be in your favor as well because this band just made themselves an awesome introduction. Hailing from the France, this band is only getting started with their newfound brand of greatness. Their style essentially comes down to a cross of Djent and Groove Metal with some Progressive tendencies. They execute this approach like a bunch of seasoned pros, already rivaling some of the bigger names in their section with a massive, crisp sound.

This shows in full through the band’s debut single called “Wasted Time”. It leaves no time wasted, smacking the listener right in the ear drums when “play” gets pressed. All of this is precisely why we teamed up with Lindhun to push their debut as far as we can. So, what are you waiting for? Give these guys a listen and see what you think!

But wait! There’s more! Right now, “Wasted Time” is available for an incredible “name your price” offer over on Bandcamp! Doesn’t get much better than this. So, if you enjoy the music, be sure to give Lindhun some support as they project themselves into a promising music career. It’s safe to say there’s more where this came from!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp