Praetoria is the real deal. Hailing from the city of love, their music is anything but loving. In fact, they provide an all out, pummeling aural assault with their relatively unique blend of metal styles. To put this in perspective, Praetoria describe their sound as “Death Thrashcore” which pretty much nails it right on the head. In other words, their deliver is exceptionally thrashy with deathcore elements thrown between. End result – this band is not one to sleep on.

They put out a number of solid releases over the past few years but the latest goes by the name of “Mirror of Modernity”. To put it simply, this album goes hard. It’s a worthy, eleven track bastion for any metal head looking to lose their shit.

In support of this effort, the band forged a music video for the album’s opening track “The Passenger”. It provides an awesome experience to say the very least. That’s precisely why we uploaded it on YouTube for you to indulge in. Take a look below!

If you enjoy what you hear of Praetoria, note that their album is now available for purchase over on Bandcamp! Go forth and prosper \m/


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