It goes without saying that trying to make a name for yourself in the deathcore scene nowadays seems like a near impossible task. Especially for those who don’t wish to utilize tactics like adding a clean singer, or writing some technically impressive music. Yet the outfit Purge, out of Southern California does a great job at delivering their brand of downtempo disgustingness while not sounding too generic. Their latest EP “Conjure the Dead” is a nicely wrapped package coming in at around 25 minutes that doesn’t let up on the brutality for a second. You can check it out here via Chugcore

You can tell there is thought behind the atmosphere and tone that the band wanted to give off with this release, rather than just having breakdowns, blast beats, gutterals, rinse, and repeat. There is an eerie sound to the EP that I haven’t heard from many other bands. Almost like it should be a soundtrack to an extra gory horror movie. It’s not the most intricate writing in the world, but if you appreciate raw, heavy as fuck music, I definitely suggest checking this one out. I’m stoked to see these performed live while avoiding the constant flurry of punches and kicks.


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