I’m not entirely sure how we managed to miss this one but Textures released a brand new single last Friday! It’s called “New Horizons” and it’s pretty much everything you’d want from a new Textures single and some. So, despite the various line up changes over the years, the band has emerged as strong as ever! You can have a listen for yourself down yonder.

On top of this, Textures have just announced a brand new album! Or rather, they’ve announced two! They’ll be known as “Phenotype” and “Genotype” – the fruits of two and a half years of labor. The first of the two, “Phenotype”, will be released of February 5th, 2016 with the sequel dropping about a year later in 2017.

In addition to this information and some beautiful artwork, Textures have released a lengthy statement with more details. That being the case, you can learn much more about the new Textures music by CLICKING HERE.


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