This is easily among the best music we’ve had the pleasure of promoting in recent history. Having been active since 2010, Virial is quickly proving their worthiness to stand with the most elite metal bands that Italy has to offer. Their brand of universal themed Technical Death Metal hits the listener with the might of the galactic center. Meanwhile, they keep a foot entrenched in 2000’s style Death Metal with similarities to bands such as Necrophagist and Obscura with classical stylings to embellish it all. If you honestly can’t tell from all the praise, this is some top notch material.

Their most recent album, “Organic Universe”, was released independently on the tail end of last month. It stands as a monolith of this bands prowess, towering over eardrums the world over. As luck would have it, you can get a taste for yourself right here, right now. We’re currently streaming the tracks “Erratic Changes” and “Organic Universe” which function brilliantly as one. All you need to do is hit that “play” button down below.

If you enjoy what you hear, now is the time to show this band some love! Their album is available over on Bandcamp and Indiegogo. Also feel free to give them a like on Facebook and spread the word! Any support here is well deserved.


Links: Facebook // Indiegogo // Bandcamp