Not to be confused with StarCraft, Warp Prism proves to be an interesting band to say the very least. They have the ability to fuse together all kinds of elements to create a sort of “prog-djent-experimental-groove-hard rock-metal” amalgamation. It’s safe to call it brilliant. One of the many things that sets them apart from the rest is the variety of vocal styles used to deliver their story. Yells, high range cleans, growls, power screams, hard-rock strains, chilling distant harmonies, shrills and everything in between.

They’re currently looking to follow up their 2013 album “The Infinite II” (you can read our review by CLICKING HERE). This will be done through an all new album to be known as “ANIMA”. The first musical evidence of this arrived the other day through the single “Solaris“. Now, they’re back with a brand new single / lyric video combo! You can have your first listen to “Animus”, not to be confused with Assassin’s Creed, right here, right now!

The full album will be made available in the new year. So, if you enjoy the music, be on the lookout for much more!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp