For most corners of the Earth, this band is Worlds Away. Haling from Melbourne, Australia, this is a five man music unit bringing a merger of sweet sounds to the forefront. Their style merges elements of Metalcore, Djent, Deathcore, and even a bit of Hardcore. So, should you listen? Of core-se. In all seriousness though, these guys are very good at what they do and it makes for a worthy listen.

That’s precisely why we opted to get in contact with Worlds Away to support their debut EP “The Human Condition”. Miraculously available for a free download over on Bandcamp, this EP brings full quality music to the listener. It’s not often you find a deal like this – believe me – I look every week.

And you can get a taste right here, right now! The EP closer “No Return” is now live and streaming for your listening pleasure down below! As per usual, if you enjoy what you hear, be sure to show Worlds Away some love and support whether it be a like on Facebook, a follow on Twitter, or a free download and recommendation on Bandcamp.


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp