Could it be? For a little while now, rumors of a classic Guns N’ Roses line up reunion have been swirling. And, for now, it seems the reality of this may very well stay within that rumor mill. But that doesn’t defeat the fact that suggestions of a golden era reunion have been mounting up over time. In addition to recent word of forgiveness between past members, a tweet from bassist Duff McKagan, and even a GnR teaser airing before Star Wars in select areas (see below), the band just made a very specific update to their official website – the classic Guns N’ Roses logo. You can see for yourself by CLICKING HERE.

Is all of this a nostalgia trip or a sign of things to come? Will we get a Guns N’ Roses reunion tour or a smattering of shows? Maybe even more? Only time will tell… For now, have a listen to some of the songs that originally projected this band into the spotlight before things went sour.

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