Do ye seek some good, old fashioned Death Metal music? Kaotik is your band. Coming from Quebec City, this musical unit has based their entire career around the roots of the beloved genre. Their sound is explosive, keeping a high level of darkened energy and excitement while keeping firmly planted in the sounds of nostalgia. In other words, Kaotik is the real deal. Their approach may remind listeners of bands such as Pestilence and Death in the best way possible. This is how they describe themselves:

“Kaotik represents old fashioned death metal. We stay true to this genre and its history. Working with local promoters and mainly playing underground gigs since 2009, Kaotik is known in the Quebec City / Montreal area to deliver a great live performance and a solid wall of raw sound. Inspired by the american and european sound of the nineties, Kaotik is aiming to forge a name for themselves.”

In support of Kaotik’s noble approach, we got in contact with the band with interest of sharing their music. And here we are presenting the band’s latest music video for the track “Global Genocide”! This track was taken from the band’s latest LP called “Torment”. It serves as a grisly testament to this band’s mission and skill. You can listen to and purchase the experience over on Bandcamp!


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