Bad news emerged from the Lone Star state as Native Construct reported that they were robbed. In the process, they lost over $10,000 worth of gear including a valuable, custom model guitar as pictured below. You can read the initial statement from the band here:

We were just robbed in San Antonio, Texas. We came back from In N Out to two people in our van, tossing our backpacks (with our laptops, passports, and other valuables inside) as well as Poh Hock’s new Strandberg Boden OS 8 into their car parked alongside to conceal the break-in, which occurred in a Home Depot parking lot in broad daylight.

The guitar is pictured below. Any help in the form of shares, etc to get the word out about this unique guitar (in case it shows up in any pawn shops in the San Antonio area) is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, this also means we will likely not be able to make it to the Canada dates on this tour due to our passports being gone. Sorry, everyone.

This was latter followed by a statement of hope. With the help of Between The Buried And Me and many more, Native Construct have raised nearly $5,000 on a Go Fund Me campaign to recover from their $10,000+ loss. They released the following statement in response to the metal community’s help.

The Between The Buried And Me family has created a GoFundMe campaign for us. The support this community has shown and continues to show us is unbelievable. I know many of us in this community are struggling musicians — even just sharing this post would go a long way in helping us put a dent in the over $10,000 of stolen possessions. We promise to repay you all with good music as soon as we can.

Thank you so much, Luke Holton and the rest of BTBAM band/crew, for taking the initiative to set this up for us.

If you’d rather help us out by picking up some merch, you can do so here or at any of our shows:

As I said, this community has absolutely floored us. Over 300,000 people have seen our previous post about Poh Hock’s missing guitar, thanks to your shares. All of your kind and helpful words remind us that there is still plenty of good in the world.

We feel fortunate and loved to have so many wonderful people on our side. Thank you all.


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