Modern rock these days is really hit or miss… It’s either really good, or it’s bland and awful…

With a name like Paranova, I had to see what they had going on. Being Modern/Alternative rock I figured I’d probably dig it, but not necessarily be totally taken with it.

I was wrong.

From Phoenix, AZ, Paranova is cranking out some great tunes from the U.S. Not overly complicating things, they have managed to keep everything interesting and fresh.

“Exordium” starts with Modern and then throws in experimental, damn-near-tool-esque riffage and vox. With the opening track “Deliverance” I was immediately pulled in. The opening riff is a definite indicator of how awesome the rest of the album is. Very open riffs and grooves throughout that shift the listeners focus as necessary, but also allows you to hear everything and feel it as a whole. The next track, again, starts with a great riff and by the time the chorus arrives, you’ll be soaring with the vocals through the clouds to the space above. The track then resolves itself with tool-like intensity.

I don’t want to give away any more of the feels from “Exordium”.

I can say that I wasn’t expecting even close to as much as I got when I cranked this up.

I hope to hear more in the future from Paranova.



Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp