Polyphia have parted ways with their drummer Brandon Burkhalter for the second time in the band’s ~5 year run. This was done, reportedly, because of artistic differences. There appears to be change on the horizon for Polyphia as a band – now signed with Equal Vision. Here’s the official statement they released in regards to letting Brandon go:

“After nearly five fun years of making music together, it’s with heavy but optimistic hearts that we must announce a formal and final separation with our drummer Brandon Burkhalter.

“Having grown up together, we have the utmost respect for Brandon as a musician and wish him the absolute best in everything he does. This alteration of Polyphia is rooted purely in artistic differences. It’s a much needed change that we as a band have chosen to make out of respect for ourselves, respect for our fans, and respect for our music.

“Moving forward, we cannot wait to show you what we have in store. Our dear friend Anup Sastry of Monuments will be filling in with us for the latter half of our tour with August Burns Red, which will be a distinct pleasure to say the least!

“We love and appreciate you all so much. Infinite thanks for your support and understanding.”

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