The time is now! Step forward and enter a realm of Melodic Death Metal \m/ The beautiful sounds of Sweden bend and fold the most malleable emotions of metal music. They tear at the insides with superb riffs and intense drum work. Not to mention the voices of fury leading the charge. This sound was birthed in Gothenburg, Sweden. In turn, that place has birthed many bands over the years and has inspired many, many more.

One of the newest names rising to power from these hollowed metal grounds is Prevail In Darkness. This is a five-piece Melodeath band bringing everything metalheads love about the style plus more! Their energy and spirit is damn near undeniable as they’ve delivered a batch of solid tracks that mark their debut EP, appropriately dubbed as “Enter The Darkness”.

We know have that EP streaming in its entirety over on YouTube! You know the drill! Go forth and discover some new music from this worthy band. If you enjoy the subsequent face melting and kindling of your metal spirit, show these musicians your support. “Enter The Darkness” is currently available for purchase over on Bandcamp. Also, give these guys a like over on Facebook while you’re at it. Good day to you all! May the Darkness be with you!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp