Hey, that voice sounds familiar…

Dammit, who the hell is that?


Mike Semesky! (ex-Intervals and The HAARP Machine)

Cruising around the web for some new tunes; every once in a while I will hear something and immediately connect a part of it to something I know. This was the case with Rest Among Ruins. I’m surprised I didn’t catch onto Mr. Semesky’s vocals even sooner, considering there is a definite vocal-print.

Rest Among Ruins comes forward with a progressive installment into the metal world that blends (very well) clean vox, demon screaming, smooth melodies, and otherworldly arrangements. “Fugue” is a 14 track album that, from start to finish, is absolutely beautiful as well as brutal in it’s execution.

A very solid listen.

ALSO! I tend to get overly excited when bands these days offer a physical copy of their music. WHICH REST AMONG RUINS HAS DONE! From their Bandcamp page you can order a TANGIBLE COPY! As a collector of fine aural pieces, it makes me happy to be able to get my hands on a physical version…

– Logan

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