I will always have a soft spot for melodic hard rock bands. I don’t typically go searching for bands that fall into these categories nowadays, but I am damn glad I did recently when I came across Saffire. I saw the album cover for their new release “For the Greater Good” and thought it looked interesting and gave it a listen…

The first thing you hear in the very first track is a dirty organ with that sweet sweet Leslie speaker emulation. I’m already in.

Then the guitar kicks in and I can feel the leather forming around me.

Badass vocals follow close behind and I am on my steed in a music video. Though the people around me don’t seem to be in on it…

This album is full of some great riffage, though not overly technical, the solos definitely pick up the slack.

Honestly, the only way I can truly describe the feeling you’ll get when you crank this up is to imagine cruising through the forgotten deserts of some distant time with an army of flaming demons on your tail just waiting for you to slip up, but you won’t. Instead, you downshift as flames engulf your tires and your bike sprays more flames from the exhaust as you speed away into the distance. If those demons ever do catch up, they will be sorry they had.

A damn good listen.

– Logan


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