Every once and awhile, two or more bands will collide to create a split release. This ranges from back to back singles to full albums and everything between. In this spirit, a dangerous duo has risen out of California to deliver some metal up the listener’s posterior. These bands are Terraforming and The Human Extinction. Both of these musical units are awesome in their own right via their delivery of quality Death Metal / Deathcore.

In celebration of this cooperate effort, we’ve opted to release a video for each band this week. Today, we’re featuring the first track from The Human Extinction. It goes by the name of “Martial Law” and it is absolutely devastating. You’ve been warned. Yesterday, we had featured Terraforming with their second track from the split known as “Windowman”. It diligently weaves together dissonant melody with all out heaviness. You can find the videos down below.

The split effort is currently available over on Bandcamp for a “name your price” download! This is a great deal for those looking to add on to their music collections. Enjoy!


The Human Extinction: Facebook // Bandcamp

Terraforming: Facebook // Bandcamp