Ripping out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Vale of Pnath is a force to be reckoned with. This Death Metal unit is insanely tight in technical in their approach while adding Black Metal elements on the side. All in all it makes for some crazy good listening.

Currently, the band is gearing up to release an all new album! However, they need your help to raise a humble $7,000 to make this happen. You can find the funny, classic RPG styled campaign video and a ridiculous amount of information on the campaign down below.




All the information you could possibly dream of regarding this campaign can be found right here:

VALE OF PNATH (pronounced “Noth”) is a melodic and technical death metal band from Denver, CO.  Our last album “The Prodigal Empire” was released in 2011 on Willowtip Records to critical acclaim, and now with your help, we’re finally making the sequel happen.

We’ve been grinding away all year on this material and we’re currently knee-deep in the process of recording it with Dave Otero of Flatline Audio (Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, more).  Dave has worked with us in the past on The Prodigal Empire as well as the 2008 EP, so naturally he was the right choice once again to make us sound our very best.

This band, like many others, has never existed without hardships.  We’ve had to suffer through some lineup changes over the years but this new material is some of the best we’ve ever written and we’re almost ready to unleash it upon the world.

That’s where you come in!  Willowtip can only put up enough money to cover about half of the recording.  Then there’s the rest of it, plus mastering, artwork, merch, photos, videos, van transmissions, you get the idea…

To the point: Making albums that sound good is an expensive process. We all work day jobs to invest money into this band, like [almost] every other respectable band.  You guys have been asking for a new album for a long time… so instead of making you wait any longer, we’re reaching out for the first time to ask for your help in bringing it to life!

Think of your donation as not only a much-needed investment to help us through this process, but also a pre-order for the new album!  And, it’s a chance to get ahold of some kickass VoP swag you won’t find anywhere else at any other time in history or the future, for ever and ever, amen.

For the shredders interested in the Tab book… we will also provide the .GP5 and MIDI files, so you have those.

We want to thank each and every one of you individually and collectively for supporting the band over the years.  The ride has not been an easy one, but with a new album under our belt, we’re ready to get back out there and play some music in your hometown.  Citizens of The World, Expect Us!!
Risks and challenges

As of this writing, all drum and guitar tracking is complete. This album is happening, and you’ll get to hear it.

But like any album project on Kickstarter, if we don’t meet our goal, we don’t get the money we need to finish the album, so there’s that…

We wanted to pick realistic things for the reward tiers, so they are easy enough to fulfill. There are lots of things still in progress, so stay tuned for updates from us!

We’re making this album regardless, so we’ll just have to take some additional time to come up with the money if we don’t reach our goal. But we’re pretty confident we can reach our goal.

We don’t have an exact street date for release right now, but we expect it will be ready to ship by Spring 2016. As soon as we know, you’ll know. If you want to hear it sooner, get in on the action!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Merch // Crowdfunding Campaign