I could sum this band up very quickly… Adharma is the real deal and you should be listening to them. If you’re looking for new, legitimate, heavy hitting, intelligent music then you’ve found yourself in the right place. I don’t want to box this band’s sound into a particular style but they certainly show up with elements of Technical Metal, Hardcore, Progressive Metal and so much more.

All of this shows full force on the band’s most recent EP “Holonomic”. It was actually released back in late 2014 but the 5-track effort still does more than enough to hold its weight. Upon first listening, it was clear that this material needed to be spread to more ears. That’s exactly why we’ve uploaded the band’s music video for the closer track “Birthright” to spark your eardrums.

What’s more? Adharma currently have the entirety of “Holonomic” live and streaming on Bandcamp where you can also grab the whole thing for a “name your price” download! It doesn’t get much better than this! Show this Atlanta band some much deserved love and support.


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp