Deftones’ frontman Chino Moreno had a lot to say in an interview found in the latest issue of the legendary UK-based magazine Kerrang! In particular, he spoke on the band’s upcoming album and the fateful night in Paris when shooters hit the Bataclan venue where The Eagles of Death Metal were playing. Furthermore, in the issue, you can read of the band’s future touring plans and the impact of the late Chi Cheng on Deftones’ music.

It bears saying that, despite rumors and speculation on part of the band, the album remains untitled and without a release date. However, we do know the album is complete. So, for starters, here’s what Moreno had to say of the band’s upcoming album:

“The heavier stuff is a little faster, and the more quaint stuff is a little more lush. It’s extreme in both directions. It’s not happy-sounding. We’ve been enjoying our lives and it’s not coming from a place of anger, or depression, or anything like that. But there’s darker content on it. Where I think our last couple of records were a little bit more optimistic sounding, this record is a little more dreary in parts.”

And here’s what he had to say of the band’s nearly lethal proximity to the Paris attacks:

“We were due to be rehearsing in the venue the night before. And then the Eagles show was [booked,] so we decided not to. But obviously we were in town, and we were all invited. A couple us went, and you know… luckily they left prior to the event.

A couple of the grew guys went… and Stephen [Carpenter.] They left after a few songs. I think that’s the heavy thing: you escape a situation like that, and there are tons of emotions going on. When I speak to Stephen, I can hear it in his voice, how it must have felt to be so close to something like that.

We were right in the middle of it. The streets alone were pretty tense. We stayed inside, and at that point we were taking it all in, as the whole world was. It was one of those things where you count your blessings…

I think it was pretty universal that no one was in the mindset to play music. Obviously, music is important, but sometimes it is just music, too. We wanted to regroup. We wanted to go home.”

Yet again, you can read more in the latest issue of Kerrang!

Now, here’s some music:

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